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Case Studies 


Case 1: Literary Historical Fiction 

The client had finished multiple drafts of their literary historical fiction manuscript and required a structural edit. Through a report and Microsoft Word's Track Changes, the structure, characters, plot and themes were all explored. In particular, questions were asked about various character arcs and how they might be fully developed and suggestions were made to improve the emotional impact of the plot. Once the client had read the report, we had a conversation to discuss the feedback and how the novel could be pitched and summarised in a synopsis. The client then entered the novel in a literary competition. 


Case 2: CV and Job Application 

The client was applying for a high-level corporate position and required a proofread for his CV and job application. Along with minor punctuation and formatting errors, the name of the corporation he was applying to was incorrect. It is difficult for a writer to pick up these kind of errors but it can mean the difference between getting the job and not getting an interview at all (in the end the client got the job). 

Case 3: Family History Book

The client had a collection of stories (about their ancestors) written by relatives from each strand of their family tree. The stories needed to be combined with dates, documents and photos in a way that mimicked the branches of the tree. This project required a structural edit, copy edit and proofread, as well as formatting. The client then self-published the family history book. 

Case 4: Information Memorandum

The client required a copy edit of their information memorandum, full of legal terminology, facts and figures. The information memorandum was edited for flow, consistency and accuracy. 


Case 1: TV Series Pitch

The client had an idea for a lifestyle content 8-part TV Series. We researched the topic, outlined ideas for original segments, promoted the suggested personality, and developed the synopsis and pitch.

Case 2: Website, Technical Content and Promotional Material

The start-up company needed website content and copy that promoted their new service in a fun and engaging way. The promotional materials focused on various subjects with niche audiences. The company also needed technical language and procedures summarised and transformed into easy-to-understand instructions.

Case 3: Family History Booklet

The client wanted a booklet on the topic of family reunion organisation. The client provided their expert knowledge in note form, which was rewritten, simplified and organised under chapter headings. Some research, creative ideas and conversations with the client were needed to fully develop the information booklet.

Case 4: Volunteer Newsletter and Promotional Material

The client needed newsletters, flyers and other promotional materials to engage and inspire volunteers, and encourage a sense of community. 

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