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"I have engaged Kim on multiple occasions to provide editorial advice on picture books, chapter books, young adult novels and query letters to US Agents. Kim is consistently accurate and insightful with her feedback. Kim’s ability to identify where a story can be strengthened - be it the story arc, structure, character motivation, or world building, is world class. Her feedback is thorough and constructive, and always fills me with enthusiasm as I embark on a rewrite with all of her notes in mind. Her support is warm and encouraging and she is beyond generous with her knowledge and expertise. I cannot recommend Kim highly enough. She has been instrumental in me securing publishing contracts for several of my books. "

Shelly Unwin, Author 

"Kim has edited and proofread various manuscripts for me. Her sharp editing and proofreading skills have been hugely beneficial in getting my work to the next level. No one wants to be distracted by errors, inconsistencies, formatting problems and grammar when they read. Having a professional, such as Kim, go over my work has been completely brilliant. I'll definitely be using Kim again for my next manuscript."

Catherine Pelosi, Author

"Worth every cent! I engaged Kim for a manuscript assessment after wrestling with some big problems in my manuscript. I was stuck. She prepared a comprehensive report and really nailed all the issues. She then offered me a range of options to think about in order to get my manuscript to be the best it can be. It's amazing what a fresh and independent set of eyes can see."

Linda Jackson

"Kim’s efforts editing my manuscript greatly exceeded my expectations. She has amazing attention to detail as well as excellent suggestions and ideas to help it reach the intended audience. I am looking forward to working with her more on this and other projects. Highly recommended. "

Calvin McCoard

"Kim is a clear thinker and understands our business. She has provided valuable assistance editing and copywriting on multiple occasions. Kim is a pleasure to work with."

Anton Sher, Director, On Pace


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